We are provide support with listing on crypto exchanges


0.1 BTC — priority application review
2 BTC — listing tokens on Waves
3 BTC — listing any other tokens

If trading volume less than 50 BTC per month then fee -0,3 BTC / month
Unlimited volume account -1 BTC / month

Application for listing

  • Project name
  • Description of the project
  • Your team (with links to FB, LinkedIn)
  • Community
  • ICO date/raised total ($)
  • Type of your token (security/utility)
  • Blockchain type
  • Link to the contract address
  • Unfrozen/distributed date
  • links to legal opinion + Howey Test
  • A link to whitepaper
  • Social networks links (FB, Twitter, Telegram channel, Bitcointalk)
  • Сoinmarketcap link
  • Exchanges you are currently on (links to pairs)


Starts from 14 BTC and one month.

Common information

  • Date of ICO start*
  • Date of ICO finish*
  • The number of coins in circulation (not issued, but listed)
  • The number of investors
  • The number of investors who own more than 10% of coins in free circulation
  • The volume of attracted capital via ICO (USD/BTC/ETH)
  • Coin’s price at ICO (including price volatility during ICO)
  • Closing price
  • Max / Min price during last 3 month

General information

  • Project name
  • Full name
  • Short name
  • Link on the website
  • Project’s full data (including links to web resources, media, news, forums etc)
  • General information on emission
  • List of platforms where coin is listed at, date of listing
  • Main currency pairs, average trading volume per month
  • Is it Equity / Utility token? External legal opinion on the project

Team information

  • Team LinkedIn profiles links
  • Marketing and technical contact information (e-mail, Skype, phone etc)
  • Top-management contact information

Technical information

  • Detailed technical description, manual
  • Technical support contacts

Use telegram for any qustions @SUEX_official